1. If my flight is delayed landing and I can’t inform Taxithes how long does the taxi driver wait or in the airport waiting room?

In case you are aware of the delay of your flight, we would like you to inform us by email or text. In any case, the driver who will monitor your flight so that it is the right time for you to land at the airport.

2. I want to go for a pilgrimage or medical (and other types of) examinations but I am delayed in waiting. How much am I charged extra while the taxi will be waiting for me for the return?
A general waiting time pricing is €10 for a 30 minute wait. But after consultation with the driver we will try to reduce the chances of extra financial burden on you. (e.g. maybe the driver leaves as soon as he drops you off and waits for your call to come back)

3. Am I allowed to transport my dog?
It is ONLY allowed when your pet is kept in a special transport cage.

4. How will I recognize the taxi driver in the arrival hall of Thessaloniki Airport?
The Taxithess driver will hold a sign with your name (or the name you entered on the booking form).

5. If I book a return to a destination I want, is there a discount? If so, how do I calculate the discount? Is the discount only on the return journey?
You can request a better price and the manager who will evaluate your request.

6. Can I pay by card?
You can pay either by cash or card.

8. During the night is the charge for taxi routes higher?
Yes, it is. The charge changes as set by the Ministry of Transport.

9. How long is the journey from Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) to the city center?
The journey from the city airport to the center takes about 30 minutes. This time is under normal traffic conditions.

10. How many days in advance should I make my reservation?
The earlier the better for you and for us as the driver who will serve you will have been informed (Even 2 or 3 weeks in advance).