Taxithess provides a taxi (4 passengers) and a MINI VAN taxi (8 passengers) for private excursions from Thessaloniki to any tourist attraction. Furthermore, we serve visits to monasteries (pilgrimage destinations), local feasts with waiting and return. You can organize an excursion to places you want to visit or choose one of the suggested ones below. In addition, there is the possibility to book a guided tour in a museum (inside or outside Thessaloniki) or at the sights of the city of Thessaloniki with a certified Guide, at extra cost. Sightseeing in Thessaloniki (2 hours, without tour guide) – Sightseeing in Thessaloniki (with tour guide – 3 hours).


  • Saint Paisios at Souroti – Agia Anastasia – Ouranoupoli
  • Vergina-Veria
  • Dion – Litochoro – Platamonas – Old Panteleimon
  • Drama – Aquarium of Mylopotamos – Aggitis Cave
  • Pella – Edessa (waterfalls)
  • Edessa – Pozar
  • Kavala – Philippi
  • Kastoria
  • Kerkini – Poroia – Akritochori
  • Meteora – Kastraki – Kalambaka – Cave of Theopetra
  • Metsovo – Ioannina
  • Amphipolis Museum – Alistratis Cave – Monastery of Ikosifinissa
  • Xanthi
  • Ouranoupoli, for a round trip of Mount Athos by boat
  • Saint Mary of Soumela
  • Pelion – Volos
  • Pozar (Aridaia baths)
  • Petralona Cave
  • Tour of the 1st leg of Chalkidiki (stops of your choice)
  • Tour of the 2nd leg of Chalkidiki (stops of your choice)
  • Florina, Prespes